Back in business

Hello! If you're receiving this, I've come across your email somehow over the years. After six years I'm dusting off my newsletter (and if you'd rather not get it any more, there's a button to unsubscribe at the bottom). If you like what you're reading, I urge you to send it around to friends and family.

I've got three objectives here. First is to promote my book, which is coming out on September 14 (you can pre-order here!). I put a great deal of work into this thing, and I think it turned out reasonably well. Informed people tell me that building out an email list is a good way to get copies sold. Unfortunate indeed that I did not keep up with the newsletter trend back in 2015, or plow my life savings into Bitcoin.

Second, it seems I need a new method to round up my routine work. The Week recently redesigned its website, and apparently I was the only one on staff who was still using the old author RSS feeds. Those are not working now, and so I am going to round up my articles on a weekly basis at least so it's easier to keep track (though the problem at The Week should be fixed soon). You can find an RSS for this site here.

Third, I am feeling the itch to do some old-fashioned blogging. As you might be able to tell, this newsletter is on the Ghost platform, which is much, much more powerful than the old Tinyletter or Blogger service I've used before. I've got all matter of options available, including a paywall – though I don't plan to put anything behind it for the time being. Ghost and all the website registration stuff does cost some money, so if you feel like contributing a bit that'd be appreciated, but otherwise the free subscription is fine.

More soon!

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