The Crypto 2008 Speedrun

The Crypto 2008 Speedrun
Trying to up my thumbnail game.

Howdy folks, I finally finished a video after taking many months off. (These things are fun to make but man they are a lot of work.) It's all about Sam Bankman-Fried, the ongoing crypto collapse, and how all these jokers have recapitulated the 2008 financial crisis in less than five years:

I've been busy traveling this week so that's almost it, but I do have a podcast episode talking about the plague of crypto shills in culture and politics, and one article: In praise of Operation Warp Speed:

It’s worth emphasizing just how remarkable the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are. The previous all-time speed record for vaccine development was about four years, and most of them took well over a decade. Going from discovery of a totally novel virus to designing a highly effective new vaccine with hitherto unproven technology to finishing clinical trials and getting emergency approval in less than a year is one of the most remarkable scientific accomplishments in human history. And it was all accomplished with roughly 2 percent of this year’s military budget.

Back soon!

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