Book Event Tonight!

Book Event Tonight!

I'm shamefully late in writing this, but today is publication day for my book! I'm doing a launch event with David Dayen at the POWERHOUSE Arena at 7 pm today – remote of course, so you can check it out here.

Here's an excerpt of the book:

All human beings who have ever lived were born into an inescapable network of dependency. We live because our mothers construct our infant bodies inside themselves and give birth to us, at considerable personal risk, and then our parents nurture us for years afterwards. We learn to speak languages that evolved over centuries. We are educated by other members of the community, who almost never have developed the concepts they inculcate. Virtually all of us go to work at companies we did not create, and whose success is very largely due to background conditions nobody involved with the firm had anything to do with. Collective economics is simply a fact of human existence, and always has been.

And here's the first review published by David Atkins at The Washington Monthly:

“The whole economic edifice of business, profits, workers, and so on rests on the state’s structural foundation,” Cooper writes. “This means that the common neoliberal objective of ‘deregulation’ is all but impossible.” There is no such thing as an independent, self-regulating free market. There never has been and never could be. And we as a society have a right to negotiate and determine the rules of the markets to dictate outcomes that function best for people as a whole.

In other news, I've taken a new job working for Dayen himself as managing editor of The American Prospect! So stay tuned for updates on that.

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